The History of al-Tabari — Post #1

4 December 2009 at 8:17 am 2 comments

Tabari starts his great work with an invocation to God in which he also praises the Prophet (SAW).

He then goes on to discuss the nature of creation and its relationship to God, in that 1. All things created were done so with the purpose of worshiping God. 2. God is not dependent on His creations for their worship or in any other way whatsoever, and that 3. God provides and cares for his creations in every minute and major detail. Furthermore, with regard to humans He gave us the faculties to choose and decipher good from bad as such 4. All gratitude is due to God and Tabari expands by explaining that by showing gratitude, God provides us with further blessings and favors in reward…. presumably because the act of being grateful means that we understand the magnitude of Gods kindness and care of us —- life/the world/ our minds/ this universe  could have been different. God could have created us and commanded worship regardless but He didn’t…. He created for us a world to help us and make things easier and to facilitate our minds, body and spirit. Furthermore, He explained all this to us in the Quran so that we may know what has been done for us.

Tabari quotes the following verses regarding these points:

Qur: 51: 56-58

Qur: 71:19f

Qur: 21:32

Qur. 78:10f

Qur 17:12

Qur 2:189

Qur 10:5f

Qur 14:7

This is a concept i did not fully appreciate before, perhaps being grateful for the everyday things that we take for granted such as the ecosystems, the oceans and the way they generate rain, the night, the trees and the air we breath and the way we and they all interact… maybe there is an added dimension in addition to Gratitude….  by appreciating the complexity of the favors God (SA) has bestowed on us through the Earth… we can gain more respect for it and the other “simple” natural wonders. Maybe by respecting nature and the world as a gift from God (SA) out of care for us we would learn to treasure it more.


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Assalaamu Alaikum

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Ten causes that result in Allah’s love for His slave and the slave’s love for his Lord – By Imam ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah

1. Reciting the Qur’aan while pondering over its meanings and what is meant by it. 2. Getting closer to Allah by performing voluntary deeds after completing obligatory deeds. This is as is stated in a Hadeeth Qudsi: “My slave continues getting closer to Me by performing voluntary deeds until I love him.” [Saheeh al-Bukhaaree] 3. Continual remembrance of Allah under all circumstances, with one’s tongue, heart and actions. The extent of one’s love of Allah is determined by this. 4. Giving precedence to what He loves over what you love when you are overtaken by your desires. 5. The heart being avid of Allah’s Names, and Attributes and the heart roaming in that garden of knowledge. 6. observing Allah’s kindness, goodness and bounties, both hidden and open. 7. And this is the most wonderful, the heart being soft, subdued and meek before Allah. 8. Being alone with Allah during the time when the Lord descends during the last portion of the night while reading His Book and ending that by asking for forgiveness and repenting. 9. Sitting with the beloved and sincere, benefiting from the most fruitful of their speech. And not to speak unless speaking is more beneficial and you know that it will improve your state and be beneficial to others. 10. Remaining away from every cause that comes between the heart and Allah. These ten causes take the lovers to the station of true love and bring them to their Beloved.

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